Yasmin - the founder

I'm Yasmin, the creator and founder of The K Plan and a Wellness Health Coach. I believe your weight loss wellness journey should be a holistic lifestyle transformation, as individual and unique as yourself.
This means the K Plan is an individually tailored lifestyle transformation plan with the aim to create long-term positive changes to your physical, emotional and social wellbeing. It is a simple and sustainable weight loss wellness plan that works.

I agree the battle is real!

I have great empathy for those who find a healthy lifestyle transformation difficult. I can only but assure you - if I can transform my habits and lifestyle, then anyone can with the right tools, support and eventual mindset. Hopefully, by reading about my personal struggle with my weight and my mental health wellbeing you will be inspired to be positive in achieving your own healthy weight loss wellness goals.

For me personally, battling with the hormonal changes a person experience’s throughout the different stages of their lifetime and the stress factors we as humans experience on a daily basis left me battered, bruised and worn out. From coping with bereavement, divorce, moving house, the mortgage, children, career, abuse, the randomness of life, family, our pets - we all have our own  "life" happening to us at a continuous momentum, without much room if any for recovery.

changes over the decades.

In my twenties and thirties if I put weight on - I was able to lose it relatively easily. It was usually "holiday weight". Once I reached forty, however - the weight piled on. And stayed on. Truth be known I wasn't moving as much anymore either.

I didn't realise at the time but events from a previous decade had helped my slender size eight balloon. I crept up the scales until one day at nearly forty-six years old I realised a size eighteen was edging on being too tight for me. The tipping point I thought came for me when my partner told me "I need to lose weight" - out loud in public. Oh yes, I hated him for saying that but buried deep down - I knew he was right.

For the past five years, I had drifted and yo-yo-ed from diet to fad to exercise to crying in sheer despair to binge eating. Hearing his comments what do you think I did? No, I didn't hit the gym and declare I had seen the light. I reached for another Battenberg slice and cried whilst I sat in the car plotting how I would hide the evidence. I really felt there was no hope.

slow weight loss didn't help me!

I would lose a pound here, a kilo there - only to fall off the wagon and put those few pounds back on. All it would take was feeling pre-menstrual - one week a month of tears and binge eating.  I know TOM is not meant to be an excuse ..... but I'm just saying! Then a week of guilt followed by two weeks of exercise and diet. If I exercised more - I ate more. I stopped socialising, I looked like a frump and I was sick and tired of not achieving my goals. I had got used to not achieving. And I definitely wasn't much fun to be around.

Once quite active (I had run fitness boot camps myself in my twenties and thirties), now I was comfort eating as a coping strategy. I was crippled by an Achilles injury which stopped me in my tracks. I could barely walk let alone do star jumps. I was demoralised by being told it “was my age”, my cholesterol was sky high and my hormones seemed to be all over the place. I couldn't wear my high heel stilettos any longer for fear of the extra three and a half stone they would have to carry. I knew if I carried on like this I would be a potential candidate for diabetes type two and heart disease. And to top it all off, I went for a health check only to find out my heart age was sixty-four years old! 

five years from fifty - I want to grow old healthy!

It was only when my daughter was reaching thirteen. This was a real trigger for me. I looked at my thirteen years old and realised how vulnerable she was. My own father had died suddenly in his sleep of a heart attack at the age of thirty-nine, I was thirteen years old when I found him dead in his bed. 


I didn't want such an outcome for my daughter. I firmly believe my father would have lived longer if he had made adjustments to his lifestyle. This includes a healthy weight, diet and exercise but also finding ways to manage stress. The seed was sitting there, waiting to be nurtured, but at the time I  just felt lost and didn't know where to start. In hindsight probably paralysed by fear.

the lifesaver which changed my life.

You probably are thinking the lifesaver was the weight loss injections. In fact, they were not "the ultimate". They were an extremely important part of my weight loss journey. A part that made the weight loss "easier" and I probably wouldn't have succeeded so soon without them. But there were other parts to this journey which were just as important. In some ways even more important than the weight loss injections.  Parts of this journey have transformed my mindset which in return has helped me create long-lasting positive habits. In my humble opinion mindset matters most.

My lifesaver came in the form of the third counselling qualification I was studying for. Within the first year of my course, my mindset changed.  It was actually this positive change in my mental wellbeing which was the catalyst for my own lifestyle transformation journey. This time I was not sabotaging my efforts. 

I knew what I needed and ended up putting together my own plan - which worked for me. I was able to use my counselling training, this included looking at my behaviour patterns - working on changing them (wasn't easy) and finding creative ways to manage stress.

when it finally happened!

In fewer than 20 weeks I had lost just over three stone. My Achilles no longer stopped me exercising ( I still can't do star jumps), my skin was brighter and tighter and for the first time in a long while I was enjoying life again. I stopped seeing green envy and stopped criticising my nearest and dearest. I became a lot nicer and kinder to be around. I even had space in my head to be funny and creative again.

Oh, and for special occasions, I am comfortable in high heels again without the worry of heels snapping due to my weight. And the weight has stayed off!

Friends and family where shocked and surprised not only at my weight loss but the fact "I had actually done it". Most knew how much of a struggle it had been for me (I had noticed some "eye rolling" in the past when I talked about "when I lose the weight").  Here I was - over three stone lighter! I was more than eager to share my plan with anyone who would listen to me. I was (and still am) overflowing with enthusiasm - the thought of helping others on their weight loss journey filled me with joy and contentment. And that's how the K Plan was born.