001 the K Plan Wellness coaching

Once you are on the K Plan and you have created an account a K Plan Wellness coach is assigned to you. Your coach is available through our app and online to offer daily motivation, monitor progress and help you devise an approach that will work for you.

002 weekly video lifestyle coaching

With the option of weekly or monthly forty-five-minute live video coaching sessions, your K Plan Wellness Coach will be there to support you throughout the K Plan.

These sessions will range from planning to prepping to supporting and to help you become aware of habits that aren't healthy lifestyle choices. Once you have awareness the coaching sessions will move on to you dismantling negative habits and creating positive lifestyle choices.

003 how does the coach do this?

Your K Plan wellness coach delivers a tried and tested proven plan created by Yasmin, the founder of the K Plan. After the founders own struggle with weight loss and her experience, she created a weight loss plan which has ongoing monitoring and support to ensure it is safe and effective.

Yasmin also wanted to ensure the K Plan is fun and creative and allows the client to grow holistically as well as leading a  healthier lifestyle. You can be sure the K Plan delivers this.

004 daily wellbeing sessions with the founder

The founder of the Kickstarter Plan offers from Monday to Friday 30-minute live group "mindful eating" episodes online. She offers questions and answers, tips and meditation. It's a fun place to hang out for support.

You can log in and watch live or the recording at a later time.  This offers clients the assurance of the founder's own commitment to creating and supporting a plan that really does help you achieve success.

daily checkins with the kickstarter app help kkep you on track