001 the therapy on the k plan

The K Plan Is a 12 week plan written by Yasmin, a qualified counsellor & psychotherapist.

Each session focuses on supporting you, working to understand you and remove sabotaging mechanisms. 

It gives you a safe space to vent, to breathe and work out what's really going on for you.

The minimum commitment needed from clients is 12 weeks.

You have the option of increasing this until you reach your wellness goals if needed.

There are 3 ways you can accomplish The K Plan.


12 week

002 face to face sessions over 12 weeks

At Red Kite Therapy, the High St, Wetherby, Leeds, West Yorkshire

003 Online sessions over 12 weeks

Flexible sessions available online with Yasmin

004 At our retreat 12 sessions over 7 days

Harewood, West Yorkshire. Option to join a group or create a bespoke retreat for you. Details of the K plan retreat can be found here.