Do you want to improve your body image? Does over eating get you down? Tried every diet? Can't stick to any plan? Don't know what else you can do?

Emotional Eating Support

Has Emotional Eating Taken Over Your Life?

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Is this how you feel?

Does the way you look affect your mood? Leave you feeling depressed? Miserable? Angry? Do you wish you can make this stop? Do you dream of things changing? Do you make excuses not to go out with your friends because you feel embarrassed with the way you look? Do your emotions influence the what, when and how you eat?

A Wellness Plan That Works

I'm Yasmin, a qualified counsellor & psychotherapist. I offer a results proven therapy & wellness plan that will change your mindset and help you reach your realistic body image goals. Wether you are obese or overweight I can help you. I know the K Plan works as I was in the similar position you are in, for many years.

Yasmin Red Kite Therapy

I work with clients who want to improve their body image & start living again. I can give you the key that unlocks your body image misery.

Yasmin - Qualified BACP Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Are you able to start a diet, but have trouble sticking with it? Or not seeing results?

Been on the diet treadmill for as long as you can remember? Can't seem to keep the results?

Fed up of wasting money on latest weight loss fads that don't work for you?


Make a start on achieving the body you want. Book a free 30-minute video consultation session with the Yasmin, founder of the K Plan. Find out how she can help you achieve your body image goals and help you lead a healthier & happier lifestyle. 

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