So you are a low emotional eater? Or even a emotional eater? 

Group K Plan Online Start Dates.

11th June  Thursday 2020

15th July Wednesday 2020

11th August Tuesday 2020

3rd Sept. Thursday 2020

7th Sept. Monday 2020

7th Oct. Wednesday 2020

3rd Nov. Tuesday 2020

26th Nov. Thursday 2020

30th Nov. Monday 2020

23rd Dec. Wednesday 2020


Perhaps you would  like some helpful tips & awareness to prevent this trait growing out of control? Or feel this could be a safe starting point to quit emotional eating? 

Join my 12 week -weekly group plan to learn more about your emotional eating habits & how you can prevent them spiralling out of control. Its online via zoom.

Check out the next start date for this 12 week group plan. I limit group spaces to 12 members only. 

Become More Body Image Resilient

Join a small group with similar goals

Increase self-awareness

Learn how to set  realistic body image goals.

Learn your emotional triggers

Work on increasing body image confidence 

Learn  about your own "Trap Doors"

Weekly online meetings via zoom

Keep your emotional eating in check

Get access to our Facebook group for daily support. 

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