001 clinical consultation

Here is where you will have a consultation with one of our healthcare professionals. Your weight, BMI and blood pressure will be measured and recorded. Your medical history will be taken and your goals and objectives discussed.

The K Lifestyle coach will discuss long-term goals and objectives and how you can move on to phase002  of the K Plan.

The clinic consultation takes place at one of our K Plan clinics. We also offer our healthcare professionals to visit you in the privacy of your own home or workplace.

002 weight loss check plus

On the day of your consultation, depending on the K Plan chosen - a blood sample may be required for your K Plan Check Plus. This test examines some important health markers which help you understand your health status before you start, as well as learn whether there are any factors which are holding you back.

Key tests include iron and vitamin D to help identify why you might lack the energy and motivation to stick with your diet, thyroid function to see if your metabolism is causing you to gain weight and tests for cortisol and diabetes (including an insulin test) to see if stress or metabolic disease is causing you to store weight around your middle.

You BMI, blood pressure, weight height

003 your results

Results are available in four working days and are uploaded onto your account on our K Plan app. These results are shared with our team of healthcare professionals and subject to approval you are ready to move on to phase002 of the K Plan.

004 who approves the Kickstarter Jab?

Once we have the results from your health check one of our independent medical consultants will review your medical file at your consultation with you.

They will discuss your K Plan Health Check results and any action needed. They will also discuss the medication, how to use it, possible results, probable side effects and explain any risks.  Once you are approved your medication is prescribed.

004 alternative to the Kickstarter Jab?

In some cases either you may feel you do not want to be on a weight loss plan with prescribed medication or due to contr-indications you may not be eligible for the Kickstarter Jab. We may be able to offer you alternatives, which can be discussed after your clinic consultation.