001 our app

The K Plan app  (IOS or Android) is available on the app and google store for our clients on our plan.

002 daily check-ins to monitor progress

With daily check-ins of your diet, physical activity and fluid intake your K Plan Wellness coach is able to monitor remotely your progress. And in case you forget or get to busy a gentle nudge is given by us.

The daily reflective journaling of your weight loss journey is monitored by your K Wellness coach, and a weekly video coaching session will offer motivation, support and advice.

003 weekly tracking - ongoing monitoring

On a weekly basis your weight and waist measurements are tracked and again our medical team and your lifestyle coach is there monitoring your progress. This ongoing monitoring and offering ongoing support means we can offer advice and tweaks that ensure you get the best results from the Kickstarter plan.

004 questions and queries answered

Need assurance? Have questions? Worried about side effects? Any questions you have just ask the K Plan team through our app and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We want you to feel supported throughout this journey and for you to have a great experience. This is important to us.

For us, this also means helping you feel confident in the K Plan by offering ongoing efficient and responsive to support. Our aim is to not let you feel alone on this journey.

daily checkins with the kickstarter app help kkep you on track

005 client service & care

We are aware not always will we succeed in adhering to our own high client relation expectations. Our aim is to minimise such occurrences and to learn from these rare experiences in order to improve our service and the client care we offer. We are always happy to listen to constructive advice on how we can improve our service.