Was really confused about all the different weight loss jabs and names for the same weight loss injection pen called Saxenda. I have now been with the K Plan for 11 months. In total, I have lost three stones and five pounds. I Lost this in the first 5 months. Yasmin has been a star.

For the last five months, we have been working on changing ingrained destructive habits with Yasmin. The weight loss injection is as Yasmin says "only part of the solution" - and I believe this now. It's great we have spent five months helping me stay at my new weight and changing habits. I did think this was really strange at first - but it really does make sense as I have experienced the results.

Yasmin is an amazing Wellness Coach. She also is stringent about confidentiality, working in the media I was worried about my inner thoughts being shared. After working with Yasmin for nearly a year - I can honestly say she delivers what she promises with true professionalism. Thanks, Yas x 

Review by Portia T, Cornwell 

There were times I hated her. There were times when she saw me cry. There were times when she had me in stitches.  There were times I took the advice she gave. There were times I tried to ignore her (tried being the operative word).  True brilliance in what she delivers. An honest, reliable and trustworthy service. Not cheap - but worth every penny. I lost nearly 2 st. in 3 months. Spent 3 months maintaining my weight and erasing my inner demons with her (Yasmin). Loved the whole experience. 

Review by Harry, Black Heath, London  

I love the fact Yasmin and the K Plan will not prescribe the Skinny Jab without a holistic plan in place. It really is a journey with these guys - and they really work hard to keep you losing weight in a safe environment. I must admit I am not the easiest person to get along with but Yasmin took it all in her stride. There were days I would throw a tantrum (sugar, coffee, ... you name it detox). - Yasmin was always there in the background ready to catch me. I just took part in a 10k run (I jogged) and I completed it. One year on the K Plan and 5 stone lost. I have book extra maintenance months to help me not put weight back on. So far so fabulous! 

Review by Sonia, Nottingham

I am ecstatic. Nearly 21 kgs lost in five months. I have learned so much about myself also while on this plan Yasmin is amazing gives great advice and just has a way about her that makes you want to succeed. Very honest ethics. Also, love fact make such amazing use out of technology. Well done K Plan. 

Review by J. Jones, Birmingham

I needed to lose 2 stones for my wedding in March. The job was done with 3 weeks to go. No nonsense approach great for anyone getting married and feeling jittery. Wellness Coaching by Yasmin kept me grounded and has been very insightful. I am going to have a break now, enjoy my wedding, put some weight back on (Joke -Yasmin, don't fret!) and I'll be back just so I can learn more about myself. A Big Thank-you!!! I won't be scared to have my wedding photos taken now! 

Review by Sammy, Leeds