Sitting with a therapist who is non-judgmental, empathetic and supportive. Someone who gives you space to be heard is life transforming. A space to find clarity.

Emotions on the K Plan

Our habits and behaviour are often fuelled by emotions. Masked behind behaviour and habits lay emotions.

These often stay hidden - the root effect being your best efforts sabotaged, you not reaching your goals and your weight loss journey sabotaged.

Or sometimes we aren't even aware of these masked emotions, as we have spent many years trying to ignore them.

We can become numb to these feelings - a coping mechanism to get us through each day. 

Checking in with whats really going on

Often there can be a lot of confusion, guilt, resentment, anger and shame when you have been unsuccessful in your efforts.

But also from past experiences & trauma that we hold on to. 

This can lead to further feelings of hopelessness and despair. Even wanting to give up completely. 

We will work on uncovering & processing those emotions fuelling your habits & behaviour.



I assist you in connecting the dots with emotions & behaviour. Then I support you in updating them. I use different talking therapies, creativity, journaling, mindfulness, meditation and skills in CBT to assist you. 

feel like this?

Do you need an action plan to jumpstart your weight loss journey?

Has injury or illness stopped you from achieving your weight loss goals?

Has weight loss for you plateaued and you need one final push?

Are you wondering whether it's even possible to achieve your desired goals?

Has injury or illness stopped you from achieving your weight loss goals?

Frustrated and confused at all the contradictory advice? 

Thinking about weight loss surgery? But does the idea frighten you?

Want to transform your lifestyle? Your weight? health? emotions? and habits?

Is your current health suffering due to your lifestyle choices? 

Do you worry about your long-term health as you get older? Want some control?

Want to understand yourself better, find out why your efforts are sabotaged?

The gastric band not worked for you? have you put weight back on?

Feel time is passing by and you are not leading the life you dream of? 

Have you tried numerous weight loss programs? For them not to work for you?

Would you like to have a healthy body you are happy and comfortable with?

Want to get your health back on track after a major life stress? But aren't sure how?

Do you think you use food as a comfort blanket? Could you be an emotional eater? 

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