Are you stuck somewhere here? If I felt better my behaviour would change. But If my behaviour was to change I would feel better. I just can't get out of this mindset.

Behaviour & Habits on the K plan

Our habits and behaviour are so ingrained, often we are too busy to notice them.

On auto pilot repeating the same yet expecting different results.

With the K Plan its time for a break. A stop and a re-evaluate.

Together with counselling & psychotherapy support, you will become aware of your behaviour.

And the emotions masked behind your behaviour.

We explore what your behaviour is saying about your emotions. We start by looking inwards, opposed to outwards.

Digging a little deeper

We don't just work surface level. We raise your awareness to how you "operate" exploring questions with you such as  "what are my conditions of worth"?

"Are my self limiting beliefs or my frame of reference getting in the way of me leading the life I want?".

We explore the user manual you are using to operate your life from. How do you do life? 

Highlighting outdated and destructive patterns  causing you distress. 

Then together we create an updated, rejuvenated and revitalised version which empowers you to reach your body image goals.

Once you become aware of the non-serving habits in your life you can break them down and replace them. It is essential to create "new habits" to replace "old habits" as you will have a void in your life which may leave you feeling empty.

feel like this?

Do you need an action plan to jumpstart your weight loss journey?

Has injury or illness stopped you from achieving your weight loss goals?

Has weight loss for you plateaued and you need one final push?

Are you wondering whether it's even possible to achieve your desired goals?

Has injury or illness stopped you from achieving your weight loss goals?

Frustrated and confused at all the contradictory advice? 

Thinking about weight loss surgery? But does the idea frighten you?

Want to transform your lifestyle? Your weight? health? emotions? and habits?

Is your current health suffering due to your lifestyle choices? 

Do you worry about your long-term health as you get older? Want some control?

Want to understand yourself better, find out why your efforts are sabotaged?

The gastric band not worked for you? have you put weight back on?

Feel time is passing by and you are not leading the life you dream of? 

Have you tried numerous weight loss programs? For them not to work for you?

Would you like to have a healthy body you are happy and comfortable with?

Want to get your health back on track after a major life stress? But aren't sure how?

Do you think you use food as a comfort blanket? Could you be an emotional eater? 

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